Origin of the Coffee and your Variants

The plants of coffee are you would originate of Abyssinia, current Ethiopia, in the east of Africa.
One of the oldest writings that make referancia to the coffee is the call "The success of the coffee", written by a man native of the city of called Mecca (Saudia Arabia) Abu-Bek, at the beginning of the century more traditional and accepted XV.La of the legends, about the discovery of the coffee, you are the one that make reference to a called shepherd Kaldi.

The legend says that Kaldi you dió counts of the stranger behavior of your goats, after these they had eaten the fruit and the sheets of certain shrub.
The goats were jumping to your very excited surroundings and full with energy.
The shrub of the one that Kaldi vió that your goats ate, your fruits were very similar to the cherries. Then Kaldi decided to sample them and a while later felt full with enrgía.
Kaldi took some fruits and paths from that shrub to a Muslim monastery.
There it counted to the Loadstone the history of the goats and of like you had felt after book credit eaten the fruits.
The Loadstone decided to cook the paths and these cherries, the result was a very acrid drink that threw immediately to the fire, when the fruits fell to the embers they began to boil.
The green seeds that had in your interior a delicious aroma that you/they made that the Loadstone thought of making a drink based on the toasted seeds, took place and you are as well as the drink of the coffee is born.

I culture and usage
The Arabs were the first in discovering the virtues and the economic possibilities of the coffee.
This was because they discovered the whole cultivation process and precesamiento of the coffee and they saved it as a secret.
The Arabs were also about avoiding the exit of culquier arable seed of your territory.
The coffee began to conquer the world like the favorite drink of Europe, you arrived in Italy in 1645, a Venetian merchandiser's courtesy, Pietro Della Fences.
England began to take coffee in 1650 thanks to Daniel's commerce Edwards, who you were the first that you opened an establishment of sale of coffee in England and Europe.
Another statement says that the coffee as drink arrives in Europe through the city of Vienna, with the invasion on the part of the Ottoman Empire, to the command of Kara-Mustafá, you are also named Josef Koltschitzky to open the first coffee September 12 1683 in the center of Vienna.
The coffee arrives in France through the port of Marseilles in 1660, for some shipping merchandisers of that port who knew about the drink, your attributes and goods for your trips around the world, they decided to take some sacks from Egypt and for 1661, the preimera spreads of coffee you open your gates in Marseilles.
The history points out Solimán Aga, ambassador of Persia in Paris during XIV Luis' reign, as the first in inserting the coffee in the monarchy and the French high society.
The first Coffee of Paris went open to the public in 1672, by Pascal Armeniano throughout the traditional avenue Saint-Germain.
A name Sicilian Procopio abrío a similar store very close, where people met around the exquisite aroma of the coffee.

The coffee grows well in the islands of Java and Sumatra, in Arabia, India, África, Antilles and Central America and of the South, being this last, with your cultivations of the Arabic variety, who produce the third two parts of the whole coffee consumed in the world.You are the export commodity for the countries
Central American.

Brown colombia
aromatic and of flavor soft, little torradosantos: strong flavor a so much acid, aroma relative, little torradosao half, very aromatic paulo:torrado, of soft flavor without acidézetiopía: hard coffee

Waved of coffee
to dissolve 25 grs in 125 cc of milk boiling and to add some vainillín drops, later to take to heladera.cuando is very cold, to put the milk in a beater, with a little bit of orange liquor and some hielo.servír and to sprinkle two spoonfuls of instant coffee

In a cup, to pour a glass of Bacardí and a teaspoonful of molasses, then to add very strong and warm coffee

To the cinnamon
To serve brown express, with a little bit of powdered cinnamon and for on the cup to put a spray of cinnamon

Champs Elysées
to arrange brown express, to pour a spoonful of liquor Parfait Amour, a spoonful of currant syrup, a little bit of cream and to sprinkle with sugar

To pour coffee, with a spoonful of cream chantilly, and a glass of liquor of cherries

To put very warm brown express with a whiskey glass and a spoonful of cream sprinkled with cinnamon

on brown express, to put a glass of cane liquor and a tiny piece of cinnamon to sweeten with honey or molasses

Kopi Luwak
Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world and you are it, to the margin of your aroma and although it can seem extraneous, because your grain comes from the defecations of a valuable mammalia that make that your flavor resembles each other to a candy or chocolate.
To take it is a true luxury. In United States a cup is worth 40 dollars and the bag of half kilo ends up being sold between 100 and 300 dollars.

to half cup of brown express, to add warm milk, and to sprinkle with grated chocolate

And lastly the Uruguayan classic the tear a cut brown very strong expresso with a drop of milk

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