The Richest of the World - Millionaires of Today

Not I want to be the richest in the World. That is what have said Bill Gates recently. You take more than one decade being and you seem that you have already gotten tired. If in the bottom he/she is a good person, but clear with so much linuxero that insert us in the head:
"Bill Gates = Bill = Kill = to Kill = Bad; Bill Gates = Bad." Not I know why so much people you will enter with him, you are seen nice in the pictures, mainly for the way of dressing.

And without leaving the side title, the richest now is Warren Buffett, who studied economy in the University of Nebraska. As I have read, the investments that he/she have made have gone you well something, so much that you are the richest in the World with 62.000 million dollars. Are you also in the Record Guiness for made book credit the most expensive gift never given (31 thousand million dollars) How a daily day of him will be? So much money and so much free time should be difficult to page. My professor said that the dream of a Spanish is that you play you the lottery for not working again, but you argued that when you don't have work you are very probable to become crazy. For sure more than once it will have happened: too much money, a lot of free time, you get up at 11:00 o'clock when you are everybody working, you don't know what to make... Good, you be maybe true, but not always because but all the pensioners they would be this way, that yes, for sure to a youth it affects you more.

The second place is for Carlos Slim Helu, of Mexico. You are owner of the telephony Telcel and owner of Telmex. And you don't miss me, Spain arrived late in accepting the fashion of the motive, but you already have two and something of transportable for people: mine, that of the company and that of the dog for if you get lost that call. Because this of the motives doesn't believe that you only pass in Spain. If you don't end up existing the MSN for sure now he/she had a hundred thousand times more than money.

The third are for our friend Bill Gates with 58.000 million dollars. President of the company Microsoft and owner of SO Windows Seen. You have beneficent different organizations in support to combat illnesses. (Look, linuxeros, like you are good)

The woman that more money has is Liliane Bettencourt with 23.000 million dollars. You are the main shareholder of L'Oréal, multinational of cosmetics.

Wealthiest Spanish is Amancio Ortega, chairman of the entrepreneurial textile group Inditex, good known for your chain of clothes Zara.

The youngest in the list of the wealthiest, they enter to her starting from 1.000 million dollars, you are Mark Zuckerberg with 28.000 millions. Programmer and designer of Facebook, social virtual network.

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