The narcissism consists essentially in that the individual, boy, adolescent or sdulto, experience a sexual attraction toward itself, you be for your body, for the image of itself, or for your global legal capacity. This attraction is not only translated to the field of the same sexuality, but rather you arrive likewise at the emotional level, to the fondness and a passionate admiration of oneself. Undoubtedly it is since about a sexual" "perversion in these cases the reactions of character genital they prevail: the ipsación, preferably is high at the level of the sexual act in the one that the narcisista is your own couple.

The term "narcissism" has your origin in the Greek myth of Narcissus, son of the god-river Cefiso and of Liriope, of which fell in love the nymph beocia Echo. Narcissus rejected the loving claims of Echo for what this fell in a state of melancholic desperation. Consumed of pain, your body was decreasing and withering until he didn't have left more than the voice. But you were not without punishment the indifferent sonerbia of Narcissus. Aphrodite took charge of avenging the offense inferred your servant. This way, once Narcissus was of hunt in Helicón, impelled by the thirst you hurtled from downwards to the floor to drink of the water of a crystalline font in whose clear surface was reflected your own physique. Aphrodite, the goddess of the Love, made that Narcissus fell in love with your own body taken place in the mirror of the waters, and as the object of your love it was unreachable, you finished wasting away of pain as the hapless Echo. When trying to hug your own image reflected in the river, you died drowned transforming into flower that continued being contemplated in the mirror that those formed on the edge of the waters: this flower called you narcissus.

The origin of this sexopatía is very remote; you even have some normal roots in the childhood and in the adolescence. The infantile narcissism can be considered like a normal fae in the individual's evolution, phase in which don't exist a sexual authentic differentiation clearly. The boy only worries about itself, you are considered as the axis of the family and of your environment, and you delight in itself being granted any whim indulgently. Your capacity of love is even corrupted by a brutally possessive selfishness and in fact it can be said that are only loved itself. Through your apprehension, intuitive still, of the objects of the reality, in this phase prelógica and emotionally boosted of the childhood, the boy is searched itself in the things of the environment, you are identified with them, due to kind of an instinctive self-centeredness. When the boy goes growing apparent among those that surround you, a less possessive affectivity that before and you begin to choose to somebody like fundamental object of your predilection. But your first loves still conserve an egocentric strong hue: you want to be loved, favorite with regard to the other ones.

The adolescent doesn't worry too much of the other ones because you are even closed in itself, (self-absorbed) neither you worry excessively about the sexual relationships. Therefore he/she is devoted to your own body in an excessive way. The adolescent ipsación becomes this phase in a to "enjoy itself." Even, some relationships or homosexual contacts of this time are explained po a compensatory narcissism in the one that the adolescent's image that such a relationship behaves, is not more than an image of itself. This absolutely instrumental relationship is not another thing that an ipsación.

Now then, until here it is something normal, but the adult's narcissism is not it so much. The mature narcissism is composed of the same elements that you/they appear in the boy and in the adolescent. Therefore, when one gives in the mature individual, it cannot be about an infantile residual overcome and that you pervert the normal mature sexualiodad. Some adults are all your life fixed in an infantile stage or adolescent of your sexuality. You interest you little to arrive to the conquest of any sexual object outside of them and you are intensified your necessity of power and a carried to an extreme pride. Under these conditions of affective and sexual dissatisfaction the professional and social ambitions spread to substitute and to replace the pleasures and frustrated satisfactions. Now then, the narcissism transforms into pathologic when you fill most of the fellow's erotic-sexual life replacing the normal trend to the heterosexual relationship and being projected on your own individual.

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