Triangle of the Bermuda shorts and your Myths

The Triangle of the Bermuda shorts has always been a dangerous field and of mystery, since the disappearances of sailors, pilots and tourists have never been resolute.

Many airplanes and ships have disappeared without leaving rake. They call you the Triangle of Bermuda shorts, although your form is not triangular.You have as nodes, or at least it includes among your borders three relatively fixed points, in Western Atlantic: the archipelago of the Bermuda shorts, for the Northeast. For the South the island of Puerto Rico, although you are considered that the Triangle arrives with your influence many hundred of more miles to the south. And, to the Northwest, the peninsula of Florida. However, those borders seem to be púlsateles. They extend and they shrink alternatingly.
A series of extraneous circumstances coincides in the field of the Bermuda shorts.
You are occasions in that the physical rarities characteristic of the Triangle end up affecting to same Azores, for the This. Also, you sometimes extend your influence toward the West, beyond Cuba.
They have also been numerous the I number of missing ships. But, in general, the area of the Triangle appears deli­mitada for the dilatory and gigantic vortex that are the Current of Gulf, a powerful river that move crossing the sea to a speed of around 6 kiló­metros hourly. In the latitude 15 north the currents of South Atlantic converge with those of the Northeast, and avan­zan surrounding the Sea of the Sargassos, toward the West.
Little to the South of Puerto Rico, a great path strays ha­cia the North, you lick the oriental costs of Cuba and Florida and you charge northeast direction toward the Bermuda shorts, meeting with the main path that arrive from the warm pot that are Gulf of Mexico. In front of the Bermuda shorts, again he/she comes off an arm of that river that charge Southwest path until reaching the latitude 30 North. There he/she strays to the Southeast, to restart the whirl.
Inside those borders, in a 26 year-old period from the term of Second World War, in 1945, up to 1975, they have disappeared more than a thousand people: they have vanished as if a magician the has palm.
More than a hundred of ships and airplanes have disappeared in that lapse in a same way, amid a transparent atmosphere.
Of these disappearances he/she has not been possible to recover neither a single cadaver, neither a spoil, not even a fragment of the ships or of the missing airplanes.By the way that we are only referring to the actual and totally inexplicable disappearances.
They have had, also, in that field hundreds of other shipwrecks and forfeitures of airplanes that could have an explanation for natural lawsuits although these are distilled and full with an excessive quantity of matches. And certainly they don't neither take into account the evidently most natural tragedies for accidents or produced during storms or hurricanes. Here we only refer to the disappearances that don't simply have explanation possible AND that in some occasions, like in the celebrated case of the squadron of up-to-date fighter bombers called Avenger "The Flight 19" reached hallucinating edges of horror and bewilderment. With this scandal it burst before the world the celebrity of the Triangle of the Bermuda shorts.

I fly 19
December 5 1945. 14:00 hours. The five airplanes TBM Avengers, with 14 men aboard, they had taken off the Base of Fort Lauderlade (Florida) with an unbeatable time. You were about a routine flight of tests with actual fire on some near islands to the military facilities.
Geographical status of the famous triangle of the Bermuda shorts.
However, the boss of the commission, having Charles C. Taylor, you had requested to having Arthur TO. Curtis, for reasons never clarified, not to participate in the air mentioned commission. Maybe it did foresee the fatal destination that awaited you?...

You were said that the 5 apparatuses lay on the marine bed in perfect formation, without breaks in the glasses and trackless some of the occupants... Who if you could abort your seat you were the end Kosnar that for buildup of hours of flight, you desisted, at the last moment, to go aboard in the fatidical one Flight-19.Una hour and forty five minutes after the item, having Taylor communicated for radio that were lost, disoriented and that the compasses of your apparatus had stopped to work. The communications with the control tower were discontinued by frequent interferences, even being TBM avengers, the bombing monomotores, at short distance of the base.
Him but I miss of this fact, you were that although the conversation among the pilots of the squadron was heard perfectly, the operatives of the control tower had serious problems to be made understand with having Taylor.
To the seven and 4 minutes of the afternoon, you got lost all contact with the squadron. Fearing for the life of the military ones, from the sea and air base of River Banana, a rescue airplane an amphibious twin-engine Martin Mariner is sent that also disappear to the 27 minutes of aborting the take off track.The following day of the inexplicable disappearance, without precedents in the recent history of the American aviation.
Picture of some of the costs of the triangle of the Bermuda shorts.
December of 1945, 6 the military dome sorts an impressive rescue unfolding that you make that, practically, that corner of Atlantic is overflowed by the human appearance. On or about they participated 307 airplanes, 4 destroyers, 18 ships of the Coastal Watch, the portaaviones

One of the missing ships in the famous triangle of the Bermuda shorts. Solomons, several submarines and hundred of airplanes, yachts and private crafts.Neither a rake of oleum, neither a boat lifeboat... anything. Any trace or test of the final destination of the V-19 you had been able to be localized... you seemed as if you had swallowed them to him the sky.
An official speaker of the Investigating Commission formed by Pentagon to browse this fact, recognized in a press conference:

"This forfeiture... you show up as a complete mystery. You are the most extraneous mystery that he/she have never investigated the Naval" Aviation. Marina's office worker, declared in this respect: did they "disappear as completely as they had escaped to Mars?...

The enigma on the whereabouts and destination of the Flight-19 you began to be forged...

Although this remote possibility can seem fantastic, they don't lack neither indications neither witnesses that assert that the military ones boarded in the V-19 they could survive the Triangle of the Bermuda shorts, being deliberately hidden, and officially given had disappeared by the American Air force. Let us analyze the data.

3 days after the incident, when the search continued in high seas, a pilot of "Eastern Airlines" the captain J. D. Morrinson apprised to the competent authorities that, while you carried out a routine flight, you had seen red extraneous splendors and sparkling lights amid a swamp in the coast, on the two of the dawn of Saturday, to 16 km to the Southwest of Melbourne (Florida). Next to the lights he/she had been able to distinguish the silhouettes of different people. Forthwith he/she was organized a rescue commission from the Sea and air Station of Banana River. The pilot of the airplane sent to the help of the surviving suppositions, confirmed the appearance of splendors to about 80 kms inland. J. D. Morrinson, such and like I apprise the reporters from "New-York Time", to the 5 minutes of your first avistamiento he/she could see a fire in the marshy area. Later on, a dense and consistent fog that covered as a mantel the field, impeded to the airplanes of the I exercise to continue with your tracking. However, this didn't impede that, for earth, they spread special different drives equipped with amphibious vehicles, assault boats, jepps, etc that you/they were about finding the survivors of the in the darkness of the night V-19. Apparently without any satisfactory result.

On the other hand, the Captain's widow Edwards J. Powers, disappeared one of the military ones that day, this convinced one that you had surviving and during years it has reclaimed explanations to Marina. According to the investigations made by this direct relative of you kill them, the authorities possess reports that point out that, from the day December 5 until the day 9, several testimonies were reported of civil and qualified personnel staff that you/they asserted book credit observed salvage flares in different points of the marshy coast of Florida.

You contributed like test the testimony of a pilot of the "Bread American" that the same day of the disappearance of the patrol car, you informed book credit seen green different flares, toward 22:30 o'clock, in the swamps Everglades of Florida. Not a lot after this statement, a name token Sonderland, declared that blue different flares and greens had illuminated the night from about 15 kms to the south of Cristmas (Florida). A pipeline of buses also made a similar statement when affirming that obervó some green flares "as those that are used to request distress" in the vicinity of Fort-Myers (Florida). And for if you were little east alluvium of witnesses, a commercial pilot, from the booth of your apparatus you contemplated 4 flares of green color, on the 23:55 hours to 80 km of Tampa, in the same address that the bus driver pointed. Before the persistent complaints of the widow of Powers, Marina was limited to comment that the one exercises you had made all the possible one to find surviving or, at least, you evidence that indicated the nature of the tragedy clearly. Regarding the "uncomfortable" subject of the flares, you manifested that a citizen, a certain Sr. L. C. Smitch, you had been devoted during different nights, "with the help of an efficient flash lamp to hunt frogs" confusing (sic) to own and extraneous.

On the other hand the journalist Kenneth L. Woodward, after an interview that maintained with Joe Paonessa, brother of George Paonessa (surprisingly missing in the same airplane that the Captain steered Powers), contributed new particulars on the unusual disappearance of the Flight-19. The reporter could know that while Joe carried out the military service in infantry of Marina, as diplomatic messenger in Washington, you requested information on your brother's whereabouts. Being your surprise, to know that at least 5 years after the desaparción, the one exercises you still continued with your investigations and you didn't give the case for closed, when, evidently, in an official way the event had closed to the few months of the facts. Are you possible that they existed surviving of the V-19?, why did Marina give you for dead?, that they were witnesses that day?, did they participate in a project ultrasecreto...?, that you exitted bad?... maybe a venturous theory?...

To the margin of these joint ventures, many years after the controversial disappearance, a group of searchers of treasures subacuáticos affirmed figured out book credit the fascinating enigma... supposedly they had found the remains of the Flight - 19 in perfect state at hundred of meters deep in front of the coast of Florida. Resolute mystery?..

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