They obtain a vaccine model against the been administered for via respiratory

An international consortium has opened the way in the development of a cautionary vaccine against the virus from the AIDS when obtaining a model that could be administered by means of aerosols and for via respiratory.

The work whose conclusions are published in the magazine Proceedings of National the Academy of Sciences (PNAS), reveals that in the new test, sampled in ugly and in human in clinical initial phase, you have given positive results. This "vaccine" uses modified antigens of HIV, a substance that give place to the formation of antibodies. These antigens are used with the purpose of activating in the organism a cellular answer and humoral against the virus.

The management of the vaccine for via respiratory it would facilitate your use in programas in developing countries and you would suppose a saving of the sanitary necessary material.

For this reason, the scientists trust to continue with new clinical trials with the purpose of confirming a high inmunogenicidad again in monkeys and human in front of SIV (Virus of the immunodeficiency of the simians) and HIV.

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