The Technology and your Revealed Myths

Myth 1: "If you download files from a network point to point, the competent authorities will be able to determine who are you."
Indicator of falsehood: 2.5 of 5

This sentence sounds as extracted of the book 1984 of George Orwell: "If you are downloading movies, television programas, music or video games using a network point to point (P2P), the files that it have downloaded can be scanned until your address IP" according to Elizbeth Kaltman, spokeswoman of MPAA.
But BayTSP stops who monitor networks of sharing files like Bittorrent and eDonkey, this is not so safe. When the company monitorea these services for several of your clients they can capture the address IP, the date and hour of the download and information on the Internet service provider, (ISP) but only when you are about downloads of great size.
"If the file is the sufficiently big thing--like a movie or a software (contrary to a single song) application quite probable .es that BayTSP can identify an individual before you finish downloading a complete" file Jim you pointed out Graham, spokesperson of BayTSP. "Not it happens very close in 100% of the cases, but this. We have never declared to have a vision on all the users that carry out downloads"
To relate an address IP with an actual name or a physical address is not a totally responsible procedure. Typically the attorneys of the industries of movies and music come closer to the Internet providers or the universities with the evidence of the supposed cases of violation in the registered rights. But you correspond to these organizations to identify to the responsible one being based on the address IP, and not all they make it.
Other challenges also exist. Peter Eckersley, member of the department of technology of Frontier Foundation, points out that the use of anonymous IP networks, the servers proxies that hide the addresses (places web that hide your address while you navigate in the network), or the connections WiFi that are without protection hinder the identification of your identity. Using dynamic addresses via DHCP doesn't avoid the identification since the providers of internet they take a register of who use an address IP in certain moment and if they share this information they can discover it easily.

Myth 2: To "use ink of third in your printer cancels the guarantee"
Indicator of falsehood: 5 of 5

This myth has the word falsehood written on the, in all type of ink!. According to Canon, Epson and Lexmark to use ink cartridges or cartridges repotenciados doesn't involve immediate annulment of the guarantee. (However in tests of PC World it has been demonstrated to use inks of third you don't always offer the best results)
The exception to the rule happens if you are the ink the one that cause the problem with the printer. Chery Taylor, spokeswoman of Epson, compares it with the guarantee of 50.000 miles of the radial tires. "Your car tire has a guarantee throughout the dear" life you pointed out. "If the gripper lines fade before what are supposed, the replacement you are covered for the guarantee. If you come out and you damage your tire when making something undue somehow, this damage is not covered for the guarantee"

Myth 3: "If you write an address directly in your browser, you will be safe of the attacks of Phishing."
Indicator of falsehood: 3 of 5

The safest form of achieving that they steal you your identity you are to select a link inside a phishing email and to give all your data innocently. But to write www.subanco.com in the browser is not guarantee that you avoided the swindlers.
They are still at least two hidden hazards according to Dave Jevans, director of the working Group Anti-Phishing.
The first are the pharming or poisonous attack of domain names that it intercept attempts of consenting to correct addresses before reaching the destination and you direct them to dummy places. Up to now some few attacks have hit to the domain name servers in the web, including one in February that I affect at least to 50 financial institutions. Jevans says that the only defense been worth against these attacks you are to write the address of safe (you should begin with https: / /) entry of the place directly, or to save it among the favorite ones, since the pharming attacks usually go to you page them iníciales of the place. However you should be pending if you receive warnings of your browser that the security certificate of the place is past due, you be not that the pharming attack has arrived at deeper levels.
The second hazard is the malware, the which it can cause the same goods that in the pishing when rewriting the file of hosts of your PC or modifying your browser so that you open specific pages. But you are ways to be protected of this threat, Fred Felman said, Director of Marketing of Mark Monitor that provide trademark protection and frauds to companies that are part of the list Fortune 500. In accordance with Felman if you maintain your up-to-date system, your fire walls working and your software antivirus and up-to-date antispyware, they decrease the risks vastly of being another victim.
Programs as Spybot Search & Destroy or WinPatrol can help him to protect your hosts file.

Myth 4: "Google is able to find everything in the Web and once you have your information this it cannot be removed."
Indicator of falsehood: 4 of 5

Although you seem sometimes that the invisible fingers of Google are able to play everything, you are not really this way. Google can only find things in the web if another place points to that page, Danny Sullivan says, editor in boss of Search Engine Land. "If you want that your information is not found you don't put it in the web or make sure that can only be seen with a password" the executive you said. "Google doesn't solve passwords."
You can also avoid the robots of Google to revise your place, or to force him to remove pages that you have already revised, following the instructions in Google Central Webmaster. If the place has already been revised by Google, he/she can take something of time so that these results disappear of the memory of Google.
The captious question is how to remove your personal information of Google, if this contained one in a place web that don't control personally. One can request in an educated way so that the administrator removes the page or you lock Google of revising it. If the administrator refuses to make it, and the place contains sensitive information how your safe-deposit Social number or material with intellectual protection, you can request to Google that delete it of your index directly. In any other way you will need to contract the services of some place how Reputation to Defend that make the possible thing to delete incorrect, compromising or grievous materials for a rate of US $ 30, but you don't offer guarantees of achieving it.

Myth 5: "You are totally protected when buying something in eBay."
Indicator of falsehood: 3.5 of 5

The biggest place in auction sales of the world and your division of on-line payments offer an arsenal of tools to protect it of the swindlers, defaulters and criminal idiots. But protection are you are far from being 100 actual%.
When the buyers use PayPal to buy a physical object in eBay.com they are protected in a self-operating way with an insurance of US $ 200 in your transaction" Catherine pointed out England, spokeswoman of the company. "If the buyer uses PayPAl to pay a purchase of a salesperson that are certified for PayPal, the transaction is assured until for US $ 2.000"
Unfortunately if you pay for another method. you check personnel staff, payment order or transfer electrónica.todas the bets they are in your against. These protections neither apply to objects that are not physical, like it can be software or electronic documents. And if you are double-crossed by a bitchy or confused object description, you won't have the luck of your side.
For example the professional of RP Greg P. You thought that you had done a good business when your offer of US $ 300 won the auction sale of a Xbox of Microsoft. If a broken Xbox had simply received, you would have been covered for the protection. But what really bought a document of Word that listed places was where a Xbox could buy with allowance. Because to) the bought object was electronic and non physique, and b) The bought object was correctly described, although the picture shown that of a Xbox outside, the protection of payment of PayPal could not be applied.

Myth 6: "The permanent images can abrade your television of plasma, reason why he/she cannot leave them on screen" too much time.
Indicator of falsehood: 2 of 5

The wear of plasma is not a myth, but if you are something that should not worry most of people. According to the place CrutchfieldAdvisor.com, the monitors of plasma and some CRT can suffer of wear when "static images like those of a video game, screens of news or prices of stocks or logoses of stations of TV remain in the screen for extended periods. With the time these images are printed in the match covering, leaving very clear appearances of the image on screen."
The advisor Dallas Simón of Crutchfield says that this is really strange, since the images usually refresh in the commercial cuts or when changing channel. But if it can be a problem for the fanatics of the game who can play the same game of shots during hours without resting, like I denote André Sam, an expert in sales of the store BestBuy in the city of New York. For example many games enter a fixed bar with statistic of the game, as punctuation, medals, energy and radars.
However, thanks to the advances in the technology of the plasma the new models are less prone to suffer wear. "As with any thing, if you are abused of her it can break" Paul you told Meyhofer, Vicepresident of Marketing and Planning of Products of Pioneer Electronics. "As I have said, TVs of plasma of new generation has significant enhancements in parts as the match, the structure of the cells and filters, everything to alleviate this problem."

Myth 7: "The disks of great size should be partitioned and/or defragmented to obtain the best performance."
Index of falsehood: 2 of 5

This is one of those myths that a fight can begin in a bar of geniuses. According to Mario Apicella--technology analyst and storage guru for the place web Infoworld.com, brother of PC World.desfragmentar a hard disk of great size will improve the performance of a Windows machine. The grade of enhancement will depend how many files you change or you delete every day.
"The operating system has the silly custom of trying to use any cluster that this free one, although this in the mean of an area densely busy and you have free a lot of space in another area of the disk" Apicella you pointed out. "For that reason the new files end distributed throughout the whole disk, what involve to have to make different search operations to be able to obtain them all."
But in tests carried out in PC World we don't find significant increases of performance after using a group of defraggers. The corporation Diskeeper that manufacture a defragmentation utility, proclaims that this practice can improve the performance, but only if the hard disk has 20% of free space at least. In few words, your gain can vary.
To divide the disk in two or more partitions not necessarily offered performance benefits, although if you have different several benefits. For example it allows you to have a take-off system double or you allow you to separate files that vary little (as the operating system) of those that if they make (your data or the cache memory of your browser) it. This will reduce your problems of coring and you facilitated the task of to backup your information or to replace your operating system without putting in hazard your data. (our chequee step-by-step instructions to partition your disk).

Myth 8: To "use high-speed flash memory cards allows you to take more pictures quickly."
Index of falsehood: 3.5 of 5

The cards by heart high-speed they allow to the digital chambers to save the more pictures quickly, but this not necessarily means that you can take more pictures quickly. "When you take a picture the chamber you should capture and to process the image and later to save it in the card" points out Mike Wong, Manager of RP of the manufacturer of cards SanDisk. "A quick card will only improve the last part of the process of taking a picture, the one of saving the picture."
If you use a quick chamber by heart with a card dilatory, you will be able to note a retardation on the part of the memory. But if you use a card by heart quick in a dilatory chamber it is as putting career tires to a compact" car. " [The difference] it can be significant if you are about professional chambers or SLR, but you are not very remarkable in the plain chambers of to point and to shoot."
However, Wong points out that the quick cards can reduce the time that take to download the images to your computer, whenever one has a high-speed reader. This will be more and more important since they are raising the resolution of the chambers and the capacity of the cards.

Myth 9: You are "cheaper to use rechargeable batteries that the disposable" ones.
Indicator of falsehood: 2 of 5

You are not about a myth, at least not in most of the cases, but the actual cost depends on the type of the batteries and that so often it uses the apparatuses where you arrange them.
The rechargeable batteries of Nickel Cadmiun and those of Nickel Meteal Hydride loses your imposition quickly when they are stored, as Chris tells Calwell, VP of Planning and Investigation of Echoes Consulting that publish reports about lla energy efficiency of consumers' products. These batteries are a bad option for apparatuses that are used with little frequency. as emergency lanterns. The rechargeable batteries of Lithium Ion maintain your imposition for much more time, but you can that you don't find them in the size that he/she need. If these batteries are not available for your apparatus and you don't also use frequently it, you saved more money using disposable batteries.
Balyne Murphy, spokesperson of Duracell, confirms that the use type is the determinant factor: "For users of devices with high usage, as digital chambers, the rechargeable ones are the solution with the best relationship cost / benefit. But if you are an occasional user that only take some few pictures, the rechargeable batteries they are not since a good option they are probably downloaded whenever to use them."
The rechargeable batteries not only cost more than the disposable ones, but rather you are also to keep in mind the longshoreman's price, the electricity that you/they consume and how many recharge they can support before having to be replaced. "Our general town council is to buy rechargeable of Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride with the biggest capacity and the pettiest time of possible" recharge.

Myth 10: "The limitless broadband service of 3G is really limitless."
Indicator of falsehood: 3.5 of 5.

When the phone ones offer your high-speed plans for data, they don't generally give you total freedom on what to make with the bandwidth. And some companies are worse than others.
Until recently Verizon Wireless publicitaba a plan of "limitless" broadband that were not really such. Although the subscribers of EVDO could navigate in the Web and to send and to receive electronic mails, the terms of the service in the contract prohibited you to use this plan to download or to give of high files, to display webcams or to use services of Voice IP has more than enough. The company also established a secret border of 5GB in each account; if they discovered that you sent or you received but data that that in one month, they rescinded you the contract. After whole months of receiving complaints the company, quietly, you arranged information about the borders of your package and aftertaste of promoting it how limitless.
In the terms of service of the contracts of Cingular (now AT&T) you found that the limitless plans 3G cannot be used to give of high, to download or to contemplate live video files (p.e. movies, TV), music or games." On the contrary that Verizon, doesn't impose a fixed border of use. But they can still be supervising it to verify that your bandwidth use is not too high.
The limitless plans of Sprint don't fix specific borders it can move you, neither prohíben the download to how many data neither obtaining live files. However Sprint is reserved the right to waive or to limit any continuing movement of data that impact in a negative way the performance of our network or that you hinder the access to the same" one.
According to Michael Ginsberg, chairman of portal EVDOinfo, Sprint has not still sent any user a notification of completion of service due to an excessive use of the bandwidth. And we have not found many complaints on this and we don't find any report of users affected by this measure. "But that doesn't mean that they won't change your politics in any moment. Your own bandwidth is limited" Ginsberg you added.

Myth 11: "The apparatuses of rays X of the airports can damage or to delete the memory of your digital" chamber.
[i] Indicator of Falsehood: 5 of 5

The safe-deposit Management of Transportation (TSA) says it clearly: "Our register team doesn't affect digital chamber neither your storage" cards.
In fact the CompactFlash cards, SecureDigital or Memory Stick of Sony can be more resistant of it than you you think. In tests carried out by the Digital magazine Camera Shopper, the cards demonstrated to be resistant surviving bathrooms of soda, to trips to the washing machine of clothes, to be run over by a patineta and to the evil manipulations of a six year-old boy. (However it was not you so well when they were hit by an auction room and nailed in a tree)
If you damage your card by heart, you can use a programa how Card Recovery of manufacturing WinRecovery (US $ 30) or Easy Recovery Lite of Ontrack (US$89) to undelete your lost pictures.

Myth 12: "The excessive use of your cellular one can cause you cancer or other problems of health."
Indicator of Falsehood: 2.5 of 5.

According to the World Organization of the Health and to the Management of Drugs and foods of USA, to use a cellular telephone doesn't cause any problem of health to less than that use it while you manage, in which case it can cause an accident. But if it can interfere with your pacemakers, you help auditory or sanguine defibrillator.
End of the history? Not exactly. Many studios about the goods of the waves of radio of the cellular ones are unconcluded or they are contradictory, indicating to both organizations that will be future necessary studios. A Finnish published studio last month of August in the magazine Proteomics found that some people have a genetic predisposition to react to the radiation emitted by the cellular ones. This could explain because the studios have thrown so different conclusions.
You also are not evidence to speak for cellular while you restore your fuel it can cause explosions. However the Federal Commission of communications (FCC) notices: "Although the potential of suffering damage to use wireless apparatuses is very remote you are other potential fonts as the automobiles and the static" electricity. Anyway for what reason to take a risk? Better you leave your chat for when you have finished loading fuel.

Myth 13: "Macs is safe of the malware"
Indicator of falsehood: 5 of 5

The true believers of the invincibility of Mac saw your on faith on approval recently when the safe-deposit investigator Dino Dai Zovi you takes to house a prize of US$10.000 for forced book credit a MacBook For with the OS 10.4 in a remote way. To Dai Zovi took you less than 10 hours to discover a vulnerability in the software Quicktime of Apple and to configure a page to take advantage of it. (The versions of Quicktime for Windows are also vulnerable). Then in nuna he/she interviews with the magazine Computerworld, Dai zovi declares that Mac is You less for sure Windows Seen. (that sound of teeth creaking that you hear is Steve's teeth Jobs.)
This is not the only vulnerability of well-known Mac. In January the safe-deposit investigator Kevin Finisterre and a well-known hacker only for the initials LMH, completed your project of the Month of the failure of Mac, in the which they revealed a new vulnerability of Mac every day. And in February he/she was discovered the first worm for Mac OS 10. Considered relatively harmless, OSX/Leap-A.worm is watered using the application of chat of Apple iChat and you are forwarded automatically to the list of friends.
The Mac users still have less probabilities of finding a virus or a debility that those of Windows, although you are only because you exist a lot but malware for Windows.

Myth 14: "The printers of injection of ink that they use merged cartridges they cost more to maintain that those that use separate" cartridges.
Indicator of Falsehood: 1 of 5

In this case it seemed that what indicate the common sense is certain. "With a printer of merged cartridges, when ending the yellow ink you are indebted to replace the other colors to be able to print things with yellow" Cheryl Taylor of Epson he/she says. She adds that the individual ink cartridges maximize the efficiency and they download the costs throughout the time.
Basically this is certain, Charlie confirms Brewer who write an electronic monthly bulletin about supplies of called printout Hard Copy Supplies. You "cost more to print with most of the cartridges of three inks that he/she added the one with singular." "Now they can book credit cases in that the individual cartridges cost more than the merged cartridges, but I cannot think now" of none of them.
If your printer uses individual cartridges, you are convenient to make them last the more than one can. Chequee "Six saving forms to be able to print more for less money" for town councils on as extending the life of your cartridges. You can also take a look to the town councils to save ink of the on-line store PrintCountry.com

Myth 15: "Yes somebody has forced your computer or you have transformed it into a zombie, you will realize.
Indicator of Falsehood: 4 of 5

Not necessarily, Lawrence Baldwin of MyNetWatchman says who follow the rake of the networks of spam robots. If the hackers has transformed your computer into a robot of sending spam, for example, your system will notice you that your computer is only sending hundred of mails if you have safe-deposit software revising your salient mails. Malware often shutdowns your software antivirus, fire walls or the services of upgrade of Windows, to be able to work without being detected.
In fact, Baldwin says, many users don't have conscience of being affected until your Internet service provider warns you or until your email begins to be rejected to be in a clever anti-spam, or the FBI hits to your gate asking for that it are launched attacks DOS. According to Baldwin it is stupid to trust safe-deposit software entirely to protect your computer.
Then like he/she can know if your computer is infected? If your machine becomes dilatory suddenly or taking too much time to start up or to fade, it can be infected. "But these they can be symptoms of different many problems that cannot be related with the malware" the expert you pointed out. In many cases they are the responsible ones to allow that suspicious files, as those downloaded from networks point to point, are run in your systems. As Baldwin "you say you need to be more intelligent or to be disconnected of the network."
They Give Tynan

"Thwarting the popular belief the editor Gives Tynan you are not a mythical infant that take charge of revising lists without end for PC World. He is, however, a legend for him same"

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