Telepathy - How to develop it

All think that the telepathy is an innate power, a dependent discipline of others as for example the magic, or something that only who possess determined qualities they can develop it.

The certain thing is that all person has capacity of practicing telepathy with some training; you are also amusing. The best form of making it is taking it as if you were a game.

So that you can also develop this virtue, we recommend you a petty practice by way of game. You only follow these steps and you will see the results.

You cut five squares in white bristol board and you write these five letters in each one of them: TO, T, Z, OR, W. Make first you of emitter, and then it swaps the papers with your couple or children. Put on shoulder with shoulder, seated comfortably in seats. One will look at the cardboard, you will concentrate on him and in transmitting your content mentally to the other person. You can make it looking or memorizing it first and then transmitting closing it the eyes and displaying it mentally.

Make the same thing with five squares that have drawn these numbers: 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

You also can, to make square with geometric physiques drawn by hand with marker. for example: square, circle, shatters, waves, arrows in an address, etc.

Another possibility is to make square painted with different colors and that who make of receiver you guess what shade you are looking at the emitter. The most advisable are: red, yellow, blue, green and violet.

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