Gems for the beauty

Not there is woman that don't want to be beautiful and, why not to say it, neither there are men to those that they don't like to shine well; you have always been this way. You prove of you are it that they have been prehistoric chasers that demonstrate that the personal aspect was kept in mind. The form of braiding the hairs, of painting the face, of being adorned, gave account of the importance that have always had the beauty and the armoníaa for all the cultures of the world throughout the time.But the true beauty leaves of a healthy mind and of a body slaudable. You vislimbra in some limpid eyes, in a strong and brilliant hair, and in an expression of happiness. The esoterism, through your knowledge of the nature for the white magic and thanks to the contribution of the medieval alchemists, you coined occult useful formulas to this end.

The gems are fruit of the Mother Earth and, as long as such, they concentrate your positive energy. You associate them with the beauty, the sanación and the protection. The wonderful one to be able to of the gems resides in that don't act directly on the physical body, but from the other plans or subtler bodies, funneling your radiant force on each chakra. The elixirs with gems are inside the named therapies vibracionales with water. To obtain good results and to achieve an elixir that have energy great value, you proceeds to arrange the gems inside sterile flasks and covered by pure water. Then, the flasks are exposed to the solar radiations or moles and, this way, they are loaded to be able to be used.

The poison of the beauty
To carry out this magic elixir with gems, you come in the following way:
In a transparent, previously washed glass bottle and sterility (for you boil it the bottle in water), to arrange: 7 transparent quartzes and 1 rosy quartz. You add 1 liter of mineral water. Arrange you a hermetical plug and leave it to the bleakness during 7 days, so that you receive the beneficent rays of the moon and of the sun. Retract it at the hour in that the sun is stronger.
During the 7 days in that you will leave them being loaded of energy, make the following: you take the bottle in your hands and you display the quality that you want to print in the elixir, in this case to "obtain the beauty." You accompany your intention with the power of the word repeating 7 times the qualities that he/she will have your elixir. You drink a glass per day during 7 days. Mantén the elixir in the cooler during that week and you discard the remainder.

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