Acupuncture to reduce of the Obesity

History of the technique
The advém of the acupuncture of the culture of the traditional Chinese medicine that have your starts based on the cure of pathologies that were concerned of the cause of these, and not treating the consequences like the western person of the medicine. To speak of the acupuncture that we would have more deeply that in them to become joined the cultures and the poetic traditions in certain way that they observe the man and your comparative of the pathologies them with the nature and your transformations; succinctly this way well.

History of the illness
The obesity can have infinite reasons, nevertheless in them we will arrest only that type of obese Megafágico that I eat enormous quantity of energy with the caloric high text, because anxiety or contained desire.

Alcoholatura the therapeutical start in the acupuncture is to reduce the hunger and the anxiety that diminish this way the ingestion of the caloric one. Suitable diets also to have to be prescribed.

The points used in the hearing are:
- Point of the hunger
- Point of the stomach
- Point of the lung
- Point of Shen - Men
- Point of S.NC.

The needles in the point of the hunger should be arranged bilateral, the points stomach and lung should put on in the left side, and Shen points out - Men and SNC in the right.
They should be sustained behind by 20 minutes. If to remove the íons of the needles of the silver needles or permanent you should be arranged in the place where the previous ones had been inserted. The patient should be sent to massage this place to stimulate it of half hour before the foods.

Interpretation of Lapsings
The point of the hunger is used in such a way of stimulating how much to diminish the appetite, employee in system with the point of the stomach and of the lung, decrease of the appetite is observed. Shen - Men of the points and SNC are parasympathetic and they diminish the happened symptoms of the hunger of the deep sinewy.

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