Addictions to the chemical and psychological work

Addictions to the chemical and psychological work
The addiction notion has been associate traditionally to the drugs. However, the addictive dysfunctions have two fundamental components:

Control ullage and dependence. Behavior habits exist apparently harmless that become in addictive. Certain problematic behaviors can be considered similar psicopatologías to those that suffer the drogodependientes.
That is to say, the symptoms of psychological addiction are similar to those of the chemical addictions. The human being needs a global satisfaction distributed in diverse activities. If you are unable to distribute your time in diverse activities, it can be centered in an alone one.

Any behavior, either normal or pleasant, you are susceptible of addiction. The addictive behaviors are controlled in a start by positive reforzadores, but later they end to be controlled by negative reforzadores.
The addiction is determined in feature of the grade of interference of relationships. Psychological addictions: repetitious behaviors that are pleasant and that they generate a control loss in the fellow.

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