Reason to leave the cigarette and not to smoke more!

These are only some of the reasons for which you should abort the cigarette.
To stop to smoke you will give:

- a generalized sensation of well-being

- bigger energy

- total retrieval of the senses of the smell and of the taste

- bigger and better breathing capacity

- better smoothness and color in the skin

- improvement in the sexual activity

- bigger concentration and self-esteem.

Also, the fact that you end with the tobacco plant you will allow you:

- to sleep well and in a much deeper way

- to delete the chest pains, hoarseness throats, cough and sibilancias

- to take away from the risks of cardiovascular illnesses and of the different types of cancer, not only of lung.

- To extend the expectations of life, since the retrieval in terms of health begins at the few hours of aborting the addiction, to the few years the possibility to suffer illnesses associated to the tabaquismo diminishes until being compared with people that have never consumed tobacco plant.

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