Symptoms of being addicted to work

- High implication.
- I impel for personal pressures.
- Little enjoyment capacity.
- Search of power or prestige.
- All the above-mentioned goes accompanied frequently for feeling of inferiority and fear to the failure.

- Negation of the problem.
- Distortion of the reality.
- Control necessity.
- Growing allowance.
- Symptoms of abstinence in vacations.
- With all this it suits to clarify that not all intense dedication to the work is addiction. It can have hard-working people that know how to disconnect in your free time.

- They lack control.
- Not they disconnect.
- Work: you are the preemptive element of all that surround you.
- Addict: unsatisfied or irritable person when you are outside of the work.

Negative consequences.
- Relate deteriorated relatives.
- Insulation.
- Lack or loss sense of humor.
- Indifference for the interpersonal nonproductive relationships.
- Attenuation of the health.
- Quality of deficit life caused by the abusive usage of the alcohol and the tobacco plant.
- Very reduced free time.
- Rhythm of too varied dream ("wrong to sleep")

- Insulation.
- Attrition.
- Excessive sense of the duty.
- Roughness.
- Loss of satisfaction of pleasant activities.

To who do you generally affect?
The addiction to the work generally affects people with liberal professions and that they don't move exclusively for economic necessities. Attending the sex, generally, you are more men than women addicts to the work although, in young professionals a small difference hardly exists.

Point out of alarm.
- Constant hurry and continuous occupation.
- Urgency of time.
- Necessity to make different tasks simultaneously.
- Control necessity.
- Pansy ("closed of mind") stiffness.
- Not they delegate.
- Perfectionism.
- Fear to the failure.
- Control.
- Requirement high-level.
- Intolerance.
- Difficulties in the personal relationships.
- relate interpersonal considered as a loss of time.
- Difficulty to relax you and to have a good time.
- Leisure = loss of time.
- Obsession to make.
- Partial losses by heart.
- Memory leak for simultaneous carefulness to many things.
- I neglect of the family thing.
- Impatience and irritability.
- Time = very valuable resource.
- Impatience.
- Easy irritability if they are made wait.
- Easy irritability if topics are approached that are not of your interest.
- Deficit of self-esteem.
- Low self-esteem that push you toward attainments, but you are only able to elevate the self-esteem transitorily.
- Inattention to the necessities of health.

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