Sexual fantasy and its consequences

The sexual fantasies are a lot of fun, especially if you wait a long time for implementation! But essometimes ... leave sequels.

The fantasies are those that form the basis of masturbation and that they can turn sex with a partner. Anyway, after all this is done again and again, often losing their thanks. Even the fact realize a fantasy, you can stop disappointment to those who possessed, making it feel empty and ugly.

This is particularly true for those fantasies involving violent or anonymous encounters, especially when it comes to more than one person involved in the relationship. So in this way, many women for example, have come to lose their libido, which probably constitutes a severe punishment that unconsciously infligés aux this person to act in what at some level, it seems bad or dirty.

If the results of the experiment are dire, at least in the short term, first must think well what you realize that motivó a fantasy, of what needs will be dispensed.

Discover creative ways satisfactory and that not only bring admiration, but they do feel good with himself who has a fantasy of this kind, is essential. Just as it is essential that this desire is realized, but in a way that makes a person feel good.

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