Council for the colored of the hair

To make you the color of your alone hair, in your house, you are plain. Now then, if you want to shine an even color, with brilliance, and spectacular in your hair, you follow these advice.

1- Before buying the ink, you will decide the product type keeping in mind the features that your hair shows up, and according to which your objective is. For example, if you only want to highlight your color, and you don't have white hair, lean for a shade you have more than enough shade that leave with the laundries and you last a period of quite comprehensive (equivalent approximately 27 laundries) time.

2- On the other hand, if you search a more important change, you will appeal to a permanent coloration, and also, special products exist in the market, to carry out reflections of the color that you want for example.

3- You are also convenient to find a line with a comprehensive range of shades, so that you can find exactly the one that you have imagined for you.

4- You are important that you have present that, if you are the first time that you will use a tincture mark, before using it you make a small test in the interior hole of the arm and that you wait 24 hours. If you don't show up any allergic reaction, you will be able to continue with your change!

5- Be never afraid to change color. Not believe that the fact of dying you the hair will radically transform your style. A new color, it can strengthen your personality.

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