How to combat the insomnia

In a scale of tortures, the only thing that can end up overcoming the fact of having turned the whole night in the bed without being able to sleep, is it tired that you feel the following day. And you are not necessary to dimension, the drop productivity that you show up that day in your labor day. But also, other aspects of your daily life are affected, from your weight, to your sexual activity, from your family life until the relationship with your partners.

In these cases you only want to faint and to be with the mind in target during next eight hours, but your head becomes obstinate in being returned to a thousand revolutions per minute without you can shutdown the damned alarm clock! Then, all those questions that you could not solve during the day, appear exactly when you want to sleep. And of course: they contribute to stay I wake up!

In this case we advise you that before going to the bed, call to your office and let a message in your answering machine with a list of things that you should carry out the following day. This will help you to clarify your mind and to maintain it fresh to solve your concerns well. You can also withdraw your carefulness of annoying pansies, closing the eyes and counting slowly from a hundred until zero, and displaying each one of the numbers.

Another case that cause the insomnia, is the high temperature. In the summer generally, you will have more nights in candle than in the winter. This is because a narrow connection exists between the heat and the insomnia. The temperature of the body begins to download at night, what indicate to your brain that are moment of sleeping. And if in that moment in your bedroom is unbearable the heat, your body won't reach the temperature that he/she need to make it.

For all ésto in this class of status, you should get an environmental thermometer and to measure the temperature of the room. The ideal temperature so that you reconcile the dream you are of 25 grades or less. If the temperature is bigger to the one mentioned, the only thing that could help is the air conditioning or a very efficient fan. Another alternative is that you take a warm bathroom before going to bed. It can seem contradictory, but the certain thing is that when you leave the water, your corporal temperature will diminish quickly. If you don't have time for an immersion bathroom, put on some warm stockings. These will help to that the veins of your feet dilate and the heat of the remainder of the body goes for your feet.

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