Council so that your hair is beautiful

You follow this series of advice and you will have a spectacular hair. Prove them and you will see the results.

To have a wild-type style
If your goal is to dazzle in a party or meeting with a wild-type style in your hair but this is very straight, you prove to make yourself four wet tresses and you anoint the tips well with cream to comb. This way, the tips n will be stopped. When you undo the tresses, you will meet with some quite slight, languid and very very sensual waves! They, will make you feel a goddess!

Softness and brilliance
You get a bathroom cap, a thick towel, I take a bath of cream or olive oil, a perfumed candle and make sure that you will be calm. Wash you the hair in the pileta of the bathroom, you absorb the dampness with the towel and you anoint your hair with the bathroom of cream. If you don't have in your house this product class, you can use kitchen oleum I eat that of virgin lukewarm extra olive for example. You arrange the shower cap and for above you make a turban with the wet towel and tibia that it guarantee heat and hydrate. The power on candle is to wake up your senses and to create a serene atmosphere. Lean back during 20 minutes in a sofa to 45 grades. Then dive in an immersion bathroom massaging the hair to clean it well.

For what reason you serve the serum
This product class, has multiple applications and many virtues. The advantage is that with very little quantity of this the objective is achieved already according to your necessities. In general it is used to end a hairstyle. You will already have seen that the barbers put on a small dose in the palm of your hands and they rub them. Recently then they pass them like a caress for the surface of the hair to "paste" the shortest hair or the flourished tips. But the serum is also used as protection before applying the iron or the electric scissor, since he/she leaves a transparent movie that wrap the capillary fiber and you impede the damage of the heat. You never have to use too much because you are about a very concentrated element.

The glasses of brilliance
In the decade of the 80, the women preferred the locks of permanent to the healthy appearance of a natural hair, being the result a head with certain straw-covered aspect. Now for luck, the healthy thing is privileged, and if your lock is opaque, you prove to arrange to your hair glasses of brilliance once you have combed yourself. You will see like you will have a silky layer of hair without greasing it.

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