How to dry your locks

If you have a cascade of loops, you should understand the difficult thing that you are the task of drying them every time that wash you the hair, without this transforms into a festival of hedgehogs!

The trick is to play the hair the less possible thing during the drying process and to define enough the waves.

You follow these steps and you will obtain some enviable locks!

1- After to wash you the hair and to arrange you your favorite conditioner, you use a cream to comb locks in all your hair.

2- Next, you coil approximately in your finger cowlicks of 4 width cm, for this way to be able to define the loop exactly.

3- Then that you make fact this with all your hair, allows 10 minutes to happen so that they dry off a little alone.

4- After it, you dump your head toward before and you apply the dryer with difusor in the forehead and in the center of the head. The key is to direct the difusor among the locks, to retire it for not heating them too much and to repeat until you note that they are dry.

5- Once you have dried the forehead, put the hair toward a side and you carry out the same technique with the difusor.

6- You change side, you repeat another time, and lastly make it in the field of the nape.

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