Diet to reduce legs

This diet is ideal you don't only stop to get off weight, but for those people that possess adiposity in the legs.

For your breakfasts or snacks, you choose among these options:

1- infusion without sugar. 1 yogurt descremado 0% fat saborizado. 1 banana.

2- Infusion without sugar. 1 glass of milk Bio descremada. 1 cup of apple preserve without sugar.

3- You kill acrid. 1 cup of dietetic gelatina with 2 spoonfuls of cheese white magician without salt. 10 big grapes.

4- 1 grapefruit. Tea without sugar. 1 sump of meager ricota without salt, with cinnamon and edulcorating agent.

5- 1 smoothie (fact with 1 glass of milk with fibers 0% of fat and 1 apple or 1 small banana or 1 big peach.

For your lunches or dinners, you choose among these options:

1- 3 fine slices of flesh to the oven (haunch queue or peceto). ½ blow and 3 pumpkin slices to the vapor. Salad of ½ pear and ½ orange without sugar.

2- 2 slices of homemade (fact with flesh chopped rasher, grated apple and 2 spoonfuls of bran of oat) flesh bread. Creole (onion, tomato and pepper) salad, 1 spoonful of dessert of oleum. 2 plums.

3- 1 salmon slice to the iron with grass. 3 choclo slices and 2 boiled zapallitos or to the vapor with a spoonful of oleum. 1 cup of tea of strawberries or cherries.

4- Bird (1 chicken breast with chauchas, grated carrot, verdeo onion and tomato) salmagundi. 1 fresh peach.

5- 2 halves of padded eggplants with flesh chopped rasher, onion and natural tomato, 1 spoonful of oleum. Salad of red cabbage and apple. 1 kiwi or 1 tangerine.

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