You arm your own diet: ideal to reduce gluteus and hips!

We offer you a series of options so that you arm your own diet. You are about a specific treatment to reduce the field of gluteus and hips. Prove it and you will see the results.

Options of breakfasts and snacks:

1- Light coffee, with milk descremada, without sugar. 2 slices of wheat bread (the finiteest that you get). And 2 spoonfuls of cheese meager ricota.
2- 1 cup of cheese cattage. 1 pear or apple or peach, fresh. 1 cup of infusion with milk descremada without sugar.
3- Infusion of tea or cooked mat with milk descremada. 2 fine slices of toasted wheat bread. 3 teaspoonfuls of dietetic marmalade.
4- Light infusion without sugar. 1 vessel of yogurt descremado. 1 cup of salad of citric without sugar.
5- Infusion with milk descremada. 2 cookies of integral rice. 2 spoonfuls of cheese white descremado.

Options of lunches and dinners:

1- Lettuce (of several types) salad, tomato and onion. 2 spoonfuls of integral (cooked) rice and 5 canes of Kani Kama, with 1 olive oil spoonful. 2 plums.
2- 1 chauchas bowl with 1 tomato big pear and ½ fennel. 1 hard-boiled egg and 1 hard-boiled egg white. 1 spoonful of dessert of dietetic mayonnaise. 1 tangerine or ½ grapefruit.
3- 1 supreme to the iron or I sprouted. 1 plate of broccoli or cauliflower with Provencal and 1 spoonful of dessert of oleum. 1 small apple.
4- 2 small hake edges with sauce of natural tomato and 1 cup of fresh vetches. 1 fresh peach.
5- 1 cup (to already measure it cooked) of pasta cuts (mostacholes or curls) the one you jag. 1 and ½ cup of ratatouille (zapallitos, onion, peppers and fresh tomatoes to the vapor). 2 pineapple slices to the natural or packaged dietetic.
6- 1 big bowl of soup of vegetables (without potato), with 3 spoonfuls of chickpeas or cooked beans. 1 orange.
7- 3 slices of haunch queue to the oven scoured with 1 roasted blow and 1 small potato in slices. 1 fresh pear or in dietetic syrup.

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