Vaginitis: how to treat her and to prevent it

You are about a quite recursive symptom in many women, and you are extremely annoying to show up vaginal itch. If you are prolonged, you are important to pay you since carefulness your causes they can require specific medical treatment.

The vaginal itch can be symptom of infections that go from the bacterial vaginitis to yeasts, called "Candida albicans" or monilla, and trichomoniasis. The itch can also be signal of the allergy before chemical (soap, deodorant, tint of the underwear), or a sign of thinning of the vaginal tissues in women that come closer to the menopause. But also, it can arise for the conservation of bacteria, under the very wrapped clothes. The heat and the dampness offer the conditions to incubate infections.

If the itch persists for more than three days, and you don't respond to the taking of measures and of homemade remedies, or you go worsening in a progressive way, you will consult to your gynecological physician. Before the first symptoms you can take the following recaudos:

- Saline bathroom of seat: different vaginitis forms will respond to a plain remedy landlord. You are about dissolving half cup of table salt in the bathtub with hot water. Then you will submerge and to insert your finger in the vagina, leaving that among the water. You retire your finger and relax you 15 minutes. If the itch is friendly, to the end of two or three consecutive nights of saliferous bathrooms, you will feel the relief.

- Abstain of the sexual relationships: until the itch is alleviated, you are convenient to abstain of the sexual relationships. If the bacterium that started the itch was transmitted by your couple, better expose not you for some days until improving again.

- To consider the preservative: since it offers protection against the illnesses of sexual transmission, but it can be the cause of the itch (allergy to the rubber latex, to the covered with talc, to the lubricant, etc.). the solution is not to stop to use it, but consulting to your physician in this respect.

Make sure that your physician takes an exam for the human papiloma virus. This virus that cause genital warts, is an important cause of vaginal itch and he/she usually overlooks. According to the diagnostic, your physician will prescribe you medicines against the mushrooms or antibiotics.

Preventative measures that you should keep in mind exist if you have tendency to frequently suffer of vaginal infections:

- to avoid the sugar: and all the foods that have a high content of this substance, since feed to the yeasts favoring the fermentations in the organism.

- The vitamin C: you take 500 mg of this vitamin do times a day, she will increase the acidity in the vagina, creating a hostile environment to the fermentations.

- You dilute and bicarbonate: after higienizarte, make you a mouthwash with a mixture of a baking soda spoonful and a fourth liter of tepid water.

- You use cotton clothes and ample: you discard the wedges or the adjusted jeans, as well as the synthetic underwear or of color.

- Evita any vaginal chemical contact: including odorants, sanitary colored paper, color underwear, deodorants and sexual commercial lubricants. An alternative in this last case, is to use mineral oil without essence.

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