Disfony and affections in the throat

The disfony and the different affections that take place in the throat, are the habitual symptoms of the I catch a cold common so much in the children and young as in the adults.

These symptoms many times you are increased in the daily life by the fume of the tobacco plant, for the intake of cold liquids or to speak in continuous form during a prolonged time period.

All ésto, takes us to an irritation of the vocal chords with the consequent disfonía and loss of the voice. In turn, this is accompanied by the pain to the deglución of liquids and solids. The sensation that usually appears in these cases, is that we "have a foreign body in our throat." This makes us take place I clear the throat and in consequence, they are irritated and you inflame our vocal chords.

You are very important that this inflammation doesn't progress to avoid the on infection with bacterial or viral agents, which accompany of very annoying symptoms with your consequences, so much at social level as labor that will require of a specific medical treatment and also, prolonged.

When you begins with the symptomatology that we have mentioned previously, you are always important to consult with our physician who will give us an I diagnose precise. But however, we can appeal while to first helps (as the pain relievers of quick action or anti-inflammatory of topical or local use) to mitigate the symptoms and to feel less annoying.

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