The feet in the diabetics

The diabetes incidence in the world has increased to an epidemic rhythm. You are 240 million diabetics in the world and for next years it is suspected that that number will ascend to 380 millions. To all ésto, you are to mention that, regrettably, the diabetics possess frequent problems in your feet, that which you/they should take care a lot.

You are different factors that make that the diabetic's foot is particularly susceptible to wounds and infections:

- Vascular alterations
The high blood sugars (sugar in the blood), affect the blood vessels clogging up them. Plus still if you associate with dislipemia (alterations of the cholesterol and triglycerides) and the tabaquismo. You take place a decrease of the flow of blood then that you arrive to the feet, reason why the wounds can take in healing and the infections to take in curing. He/she can even give when walking similar pain to that of a cramp in calves that he/she calm down with rest and you are what are known with the "intermittent claudication" name.

- Neuropathic alterations
The high blood sugars maintained in the time, affect the nerve roots of the legs and you are what are known as diabetic neuropathy. This you are characterized to be distal and symmetrical in both inferior members. He/she can give as symptoms pains urentes (as ardor or to feel a fire) in the plant of the feet or desensitization. This takes to that the patient can show up big lesions without feeling pain. Hence, you are very important to substitute the tact for the view, that is to say, the diabetic should inspect your feet daily, searching marks of the footwear or erosions. If you end up finding some of them, you should continue browsing your shoes inside. Many times you ends up finding a nail, a stone or a seam like the responsible for this lesion. The fact of to detect ésto precociously and to solve it, avoids the production of serious lesions.

- Other very common lesions are those caused by the bag for hot water. The diabetic should have clear that cannot use this element, since it can suffer serious burns for the desensitization.

- Infections
The diabetic with descontrol is much more susceptible to the infections.

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