The buccal health during the menopause

During the years peromenopáusicos and menopausal, the alterations in the quantity and classes of sexual hormones, increase in the woman the risk of appearance of illnesses autoinmunes, I eat the rheumatoid arthritis for example; and cardiovascular; accompanied with important xerostomía, that is to say, mouth dryness.

The oral primary complications of the dryness in the mouth, are the susceptibility to the dental cavity and the infection for candid, as long as the presence of the rheumatoid factor is chronically associated with gums aflame and loss of higher normal alveolar bone.

Other changes in the oral cavity that you/they are habitually informed in women that are in this stage, include oral (either pain and also sensation of ardor) uneasiness; and an altered perception of the flavor.

The changes in the oral mucosa can vary from a pale atrophic appearance to a well-known box as menopausal gingivoestomatitis, the one that are characterized to affect to the gums, leaving them completely dry and also brillosas that bleed very easily; besides showing up a decrease of the salivary flow in presence of the illness.

The osteoporosis is a common box in the grown-ups that it affect from a disproportionate way to the women. The bony loss generalized by the systemic osteoporosis can tornar to the susceptible teeth to accelerated resorption of the alveolar bone and chronic periodontitis.

Although the osteoporosis is not a strictly etiologic factor in the periodontitis, it can affect the severity of the illness in periodontitis preexistentes.

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