Do you worry about your legs?

When the biggest measures are observed in the legs, surely affected by cellulitis, the causes are usually genetic and they are also linked with our habits.

This is the case of sat down many workhours or of foot, the use of wrapped pants (for example jeans, wedges, etc.) or you mediate whose elastic press our return flow.

To all ésto he/she is added few walks and abuse of quick foods due to the rhythm of the daily routine of nowadays, (be already hamburgers, cold cuts, pizzas, congealed and other) also the habit of adding such condiments as the mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc.

The alimentary recommendations for this class of problems are:

- to choose nothing else that fresh or dry foods. Not to the cold cuts, preserves, canned, smoky or saliferous. You will reduce to the maximum the intake of preservatives and preservatives.

- If you want to substitute the fresh vegetables, you only choose those congealed ones to the natural one.

- You also reduce the table salt and you season with fresh grass or you dry off.

- You control the panificados usage, as well as of cereals for the breakfast (products that contain a lot of sodium).

- You suspend the usage of canned sauces.

- You drink a lot of water, not less than 3 liters per day, and mainly among the comidad.

- Not smoke neither take alcohol.

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