Problems of gluteus and hips

Nowadays, many women suffer as problem main physique your gluteus and hips. One of the solutions to those that are appealed in most of the cases, is the gym that are really very good when reducing these fields. But, if you don't accompany with an alimentary good behavior, these results won't be good.

In this field it is where first are deposited the fat and the last place where you get lost. You constitute the breakpoint of the Latins and of the women in general.

Without a doubt, a localised gymnastics will help, but they are elementary the linked following recommendations with the power supply:

- don't get excited with the diets of very low calories.

- You control to the maximum the intake of fat and white flours, mainly if they are merged with sugar.

- Evita the fresh pastas, but you include in your power supply plan until twice per week a plate of dry cooked noodles to the one jags, but with a fat minimum condimentación.

- Not scant the volume of your foods: raw many vegetables and fruits. You drink great quantity of broth of vegetables added with a bran (either of oat or of wheat) spoonful.

- Obtén the calcium of the milk with active fiber and you control the usage of firm cheeses a lot, although they are meager.

- A NOT firm to the alcohol and the sugars.

- Not you consummate white bread, neither cookies of any type, still those that you consider innocent.

- You remember: for you four foods a day are more than enough.

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