The ear pain

The hearing is one of our more sensitive senses, for that that generally when you are affected, signals like the pain or otalgia, the itch, supuración, redness of the skin, decrease of the hearing, dizziness or alteration of the balance take place.

As for the same pain of the hearing, you don't owe you totally to the ullage of hygiene or the bacteria that you/they have entered in him. You are a multiplicity of factors that you/they can originate auditory affections in the external, half and interior conduit of the hearing.

Here we count you which the most frequent are.

The water:
The entry of liquid to the auditory external channel, especially in summer due to the piletas or beaches, you generate a favorable field for the multiplication of germs whose result is the pileta" "otitis. In winter they appear the otitis for allergy to cosmetic products as the shampoo, the soap, the bathroom lotions, among other.
The treatment in this instance, consists in the usage of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory, with daily sessions of cleaning of the affected field. You also owe you, to avoid the entry of the shampoo until you recover the hearing.

The presence of foreign bodies:
To the foreign bodies to those that refer, are to the insects, cotton and wax. You are a very particular case, but it can be given if an accident takes place where some element is embedded, for non higienizarse appropriately, for excessive production of wax, etc.
Here the important thing is that the physician is able to extract the embedded object with supreme care, and by means of the appropriate form according to the object type of the one that are.

Infections in the auditory half channel:
The good known ones are those that cause "otitis stockings", very habitual in the boys, where the germ is inserted by the air channels of the hearing and you arrive until the half part. They show up next to processes like the rinitis or the one catches a cold.
The treatment in these cases is by means of the use of antibiotics during 7 to 10 days. In some cases, associated with anti-inflammatory oral. Drops since these are not used they only attack the most external problems. In the most serious cases, irreversible damages can take place.

Perforation of the eardrum:
Due to a blow, to sound the nose in an excessive way, for a half otitis, or for variations of pressure.
This should talk to a surgical intervention in most of the cases.

Injure of the semicircular channels:
This produces the well-known syndrome of "Meniere (vertigos)."
You are through special therapies that can contemplate emission of ultrasounds and surgery.

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