Phrases that you do not have to mention in the office

Phrases exist words rather…, that agree to you to eliminate of your lexicon if you want to remain in your job, to thus have a good relation with your companions and, to fall to him to your head very very well!

We will give them to you in a list so that you consider always them and never, but never you pronounce never them!

1- “It does not correspond to me to make this task”
How many times you will have heard this! The truth is that in the days of crisis, it agrees to demonstrate that your work is worth gold, still if that to you implies to carry out works that are not within your functions and although they are not of your affability.

2- “I had one night of incredible sex”
It does not matter how informal and how good relation of confidence you have with the person at whom you can get to say this to him. It is important that you understand less, that the strictly personal subjects must be strictly personal and not to comment them, than less in your place of work! If you ventilate your sentimental life, most probable it is than you become the protagonist of all the gadgets of the office.

3- “Why she wins more than I”
Error! To mention the wage of a companion during your negotiation of an increase, for example, is excessively little professional. For it, better dile to your head which is the value of your position in the market and stops comparing!

4- “I am of your side”
To stay neutral against the political questions of a company, can be a form to conserve the position and evitarte problems. When somebody is in the middle of a battle by the power, it looks for allies and that alliance does not have why to be beneficial for you.
Present Ten to support your to sides both.

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