Prescriptions with fennel

In the kitchen

- The hearts of the fennel eat up and they have a very similar flavor to that of the celery.
- The seeds, on the other hand, are used a lot in the Italian cuisine as aromatic condiment and for your medicinal virtues.

In therapy

- The therapeutical, more general application, is in infusion form starting from the seeds of the fennel or, a tincture of the same ones.

Infusion against the diarrhea

- To arrange a root handful in a cup of hot water without you end up boiling. To leave in rest some minutes. They can take up to three cups per day.

Syrup for the cough

- Trozar the fresh grass and to squeeze the juice. To blend with a quantity similar of honey. To boil 30 minutes and to take a spoonful three times a day.

Infusion antibronquitis

- To boil a small handful of fennel roots in a cup of water during two minutes and to allow to rest. To take three cups per day, sweetened with honey.

Tea against urinary infections

- To blend: 25 g of fennel seeds, 25 g of raylike anisette, 15 g of horse queue, 15 g of birch, 15 g of lion tooth, 15 g of balm and 15 g of walnut leaves. To boil during two minutes between liter of water, two soup spoonfuls of this mixture. To allow to rest 10 minutes and to strain. To drink every time that you are thirsty.

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