How much do I weigh it can get up in the physical activity?

If you have decided to begin to carry out physical activity with cuff links or weights, or you are already carrying out it, frequently you will wonder which the ideal weight should be so that you get up or, if the weight with which you are working is the appropriate one.

The appropriate weight to get up, is that that allow to make the suitable repetitions. For example, if they are twelve and you can carry out without you hinder exercises with eighteen, the weight is low. On the other hand, if you can only arrive at eight, the weight is very high.

As general rule: if you can carry out among four six repetitions in more or in less than the suitable ones, the weight will be modified.

You always remember:

- If you use a very low weight, you won't use a necessary stimulus for the invigoration of the muscular area that you are working.

- If the weight is very high, you will feel pain and you will run serious risks of suffering a lesion.

- The recommendation is that the women don't use very high weights: of ½ to 2 kilos, with work in high repetitions, from fifteen to twenty times.

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