Why the capillary sensibility takes place

Almost the population's 47% has the hairy sensitive leather. Different causes are those that cause this problem that can be accompanied by the drop of the hair.

Among the external factors, we find the pollution, the hard waters or the usage of capillary very aggressive products for the skin.

Some personal customs can also be responsible for this problem, I eat an unbalanced power supply for example, stress, perspiration, usage of medicines, to get tied up the hair in a tight way, among other.

To solve this problem you will keep in mind the following factors:

- In the market not very aggressive products exist, from shampoo with neuter PH, until hipoalergénicos and without dyes. Many are specially suitable for hairy sensitive leather.

- You should not undergo the hair the frequent contact with sour products. You will opt for more natural tinctures.

- You carry out capillary soft massages and relaxants an or twice a day.

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