How to make of the breakfast a tempting meal

The breakfast is the most important food in the day, and for ende, you are to give you the importance that deserve.

Most of people that have breakfast, choose cereal flakes with whole milk, white bread and lard or margarine with marmalade.

In general, ésto is considered healthy, but you lack hydrates you carbon complexes, of vitamins and of fibers that one to the while feels hunger.

We give you healthy and quick options so that your breakfast is really suitable:

- You choose milky descremados, integral cereals, fresh fruits and dietetic marmalades. Evita the sugar or the excess same dela.

- Muslix with raspberries, yogurt and orange juice.

- Smoothie of fruits with seeds, a bran spoonful and a cereal bar.

- Sándwich of wheat bread with cheese and tomato and orange juice.

- You trench with milk with almonds, raisins and seeds.

- Toasted of wheat bread with cheese and tomato juice.

- Coffee with milk, toasts of rye bread with meager cheese and pear.

- Yogurt with salad of fruits and muslix.

- Pancake of whole wheat flour with sweet of dietetic raspberry and milk.

- ½ grapefruit and bread with cheese dietetic untable.

- Bread with olive oil, cheese, milk and a peach.

- Wheat bread with cheese and milk.

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