The pediculosis is an infection of the hairy leather and hair human caused by the louse of the head. You are about an excessively contagious infection but that you can prevent since with general measures of hygiene that spread to diminish the possibility to obtain it, this way, you are formed a habitat that are I don't propitiate so that the lice nest and reproduce.

One of the first symptoms and also the most frequent, is the itch of the leather hairy although many children they are asymptomatic. The most frequent localization is in the adjacency of the nape and behind the ears. The louse bites and your saliva can produce a local answer that cause the cigar, before succionar the blood.

The most frequent transmission is through the direct contact with the infected person, that is to say, of head to head. In less frequent form for contact with elements of a parasitized person's personal use, as for example chasers, brushes, gear, pillow, etc.

The diagnostic is carried out by means of the observation of the alive louse. The search of the same one, is better when the hair is wet. In the search he/she should have a good luminous source, for that which are obvious that the best is the natural light, and to observe the hair cowlick for cowlick in a systematized way. You should learn how to recognize the form of the lice and of the nits.

You are important to also mention that you are from 8 to 12 alive lice in each infestation, but more than 100 nits. The alive louse hides of the light, you move quickly, your size is that of a sésamo grain, and you are of brown dark color. The nit is not mobilized in the hair.

Many products exist, all them very good, in the market to be able to combat this so frequent and common problem.

Request to your physician of trust that recommend you the one that he believes convenient.

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