What the men want to hear

Beyond that your man requests you that you always tell you the truth, you are moments in those that he would prefer that you reserved yourself your true opinion and you changed it for other words... although what you tell you is totally a to lie, you will surely feel happy and you will please you in all that you request you!

We offer you some key sentences so that you are like a true queen!

"I love your romanticism"
when a man is able to show your romantic side, no matter how much you are not very frequent, for the good of both you should simulate that you have moved you completely. This never failure!

You fall "you brilliant to my friends"
We love to hear that others speak well of us and that we like in any sense. The attributes (so much physical as affective) that he/she have your man, take advantage and count it to him well that they have spoken of him your friends (although you are not certain, clear).

You are "my bad" boy
This sentence is really actual when your man is looking the sports and you need a moment of pleasure... this you are one of the few things that they took it out of front of television, and that your interior beast will take out!

You are "a bull in the bed"
every time that you caress the ego of a man in the bed, you are able to increase your desires of delighting. This sentence is certain so that the sex is every better time!

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