How to feel comfortable in the office

Millions of people use computers daily, many of those which, they complain about fatigue in different parts of your organism.

You follow these useful advice and you achieve that the place where you work you are full for your health.

- The keypad
So much tipear as carrying out other repetitious movements in the computer, can
to tense your muscles and mainly, the tendons of the hands, the doll, the one
forearm and the shoulder. To prevent the pain or after nuisances of this nature, not
tipees in an inadequate position, as for example flexionando your dolls in
you form exaggerated. Another very effective advice, is to adjust the inclination of the keypad
(some experts suggest between 5 and 11 grades), to maintain your fingers, dolls and aligned elbows in a comfortable way.

- The screen of the computer
To look at a screen covered with powder or darkened by the reflection of the lights of the office, they can cause you visual fatigue and headache. Clean your screen weekly with a soft cloth and you change the position of the light or of the screen, to reduce the reflection. If you persist your nuisance and you use glasses, you consider to use another pair of them for this specific use. Most of the eyeglasses are adjusted at an appropriate distance to read that you are, in general, from 20 to 30 centimeters more fence that the distance that exist between your eyes and the screen of the computer. Your oculist can prescribe you another prescription that you adapt to this work.

- The headphones
For the case of receptionists, journalists, telemarketers and others that work with a telephone the whole day, a game of headphones and microphone helps to reduce the pressure in the neck and in the shoulders.

- The luminous sources
You should avoid the too brilliant luminous sources that are in front of your eyes or that are reflected in the monitor that you use. To cover the direct sun of the windows with curtains is main.

- The seat
The good posture is one of the best remedies. For ésto, you center your torso in front of the screen with your ears, shoulder and on-line shoulders and your feet on the floor.

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