Movements reducers of pressures

Only five minutes of stretching per hour, they can reduce the uneasiness practically, to calm the stress and to alleviate the pressure that he/she go accumulating in muscles and articulations to the long of one workday.

To counteract these uneasiness, you can elongate yourself and to walk a little or to stop and to make the exercises that next suggest you.

1- You open the hand until tensing it. Maintain it for five seconds this way, you relax, then he/she closes the grip for other five seconds. You repeat this exercise from five to ten times.

2- You interleave your hands behind the head and you press your scapulas it more than you can. Mantén this posture from five to ten seconds and you relax. You repeat this exercise from five to ten times.

3- You interleave the fingers after your shoulder with the palms toward inside. You elevate your shoulders. Mantén from five to ten seconds this posture and you loosen. You repeat this exercise from five to ten times.

4- You elongate both enhanced arms with the palms down. Mantén five seconds this position. You bend the arms to the height of the elbows with the fingers toward before and mantén this posture five seconds. Repeat it from five to ten times.

5- With your right enhanced arm in front of you and your relaxed fingers down, flexiona your doll up and under five to ten times. You change to the left arm and you repeat from five to ten times this exercise.

6- You massage the base of your thumb pressing smoothly with circular slow movements. The same thing can be made to alleviate the tense fields in your neck, shoulders and forearms.

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