Massages for the headache

The migraines caused by pressure, represent more than half of the headaches, and the remedies against the migraines are not always effective.

To carry out massages regularly, it can alleviate these cranial pains. For that reason we suggest you some classes so that you apply them yourself.

Front Automasaje, temples and neck:

1- Sit down comfortable, with the very right shoulder and locating the fingers in the center of the forehead. Put your thumbs in the temples and you exercise a constant pressure and to regulate on the same ones. You repeat this movement a ten times at least.
2- You massage the temples carrying out small circles with the tip of the fingers in the sense of the needles of the clock.
3- You press the muscles of the neck slowly and of the shoulder with the palms of your hands. As the contracture ceases, the intensity of the massage that you are carrying out increase regularly.

Press on the skull:

1- With the tip of the fingers, you hit the whole surface of the skull smoothly, the forehead inclusive. The pressures will be the sufficiently intense ones as to cause vibrations inside the cranial cavity.
2- In such way that you simulate that you are applying shampoo on your head, you press with the fingers the hairy leather describing small circles.

Massage of the fat finger of the foot:

1- The point reflexológico of the neck, you are located in the base of fat finger of the foot. Hence, you begin supporting a foot on the opposed thigh.
2- With the help of the thumbs of your hands, you exercise pressures of 8 seconds approximately each a, on the surface of the fat finger of the foot.
3- You come in the same way with the other thumb.

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