How to have a sexy look

Besides loading your look with your own intention of seducing, you are good that you appeal to an external factor that are magic and that you should never lack never: the makeup! Not it is necessary to load your eyes of makeup so that your look is sexy. You only follow these advice and you will note the results.

The fundamental element for this made is the mask for lashes that it should never lack in your eyes. The mask of lashes arches, you give volume, color and what are more important: sensuality.

If you sometimes do without of her because you find that you stain or because you believe that one can run, we give you a trick so that ésto never happens more you. You pay carefulness:

Before applying your mask, you pass a generous powder portion with your brush, below the eye. That field is easy to grease with the natural oleosidad of the skin, the perspiration or the cream of contour of eyes. After having applied the mask completely, you retire the powder excess, of course, with the clean brush.

Another fundamental element to achieve a sexy look, they are the shades dull color. The application of the same ones is also fundamental in this whole process. You will arrange it in the external angle of the eye and to go up it toward the edge of the brow to give a "more feline" effect.

For the application of the shade, you can use your fingers or, an appropriate pncel for it.

If you use a soft surplus, you will be easier of correcting if you make a mistake in your first attempts.

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