I only have friends men...

This status, is for many women (and every time they are more), excessively common. You turn out to be that, less and less women have friends of your same sex, and you don't depend on economic position, age or social class. You are more, many of the times who are identified with these words, search to have friends of your same genus but they don't achieve it.

The certain thing is that the links among women are easier when men don't exist of for half, that makes to the bars and clubs, a difficult place to sum up friendships of this type.

If you begin to involve yourself in activities like for example the music, the art, the sport, trips and movies; you will find potential friends among those that share your same interests, in an environment where they are not competing to attract the masculine carefulness.

In second place, you are good to know that the friendship is based on common values and not in a pretty physique. Therefore, you should let that they are not guided by your appearance, but for who are, to show you inside. Many times the appearances deceive.

You are necessary to also advise that when one knows a "possible" friend, you are not only good that you chat with her but rather you also hear it. The communication is extremely necessary to be known and to generate the trust among both. People that know how to hear have big friends.

To conclude, you are important to keep in mind that the friendship's more beautiful part among women is the fact of sharing moments and laughs with them. With that in the mind, the best thing is that you concentrate on the things that make you happy so that this way, you can share that happiness with new people.

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