How to make that your teats are divine!

Not it imports that you have a lot or little bust, if you follow these advice, you will avoid that the tissue of that field falls and also, you will be able to shine a super neckline!

We offer you a routine so that you can get up and to strengthen your pectoral. Have present that these exercises will be located between your arm pits and the center of your chest.

1- Go to bed turned on an inclined bank to 45 grades, or you locate yourself on two cushions.

2- Support two weigh 2,5 kilos and 6 kilos from among above your chest, such that your knuckles are faced.

3- You download the weights inclining your elbows until they are in an angle of 90 grades and to the same height of your chest.

4- Then it returns to the starting position.

You carry out two series from 12 to 15 repetitions three times a week. In one month you will see the results.

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