How to modify the aesthetics of your legs, queue and hips!

To modify the aesthetics of legs, queue and hips, you require of a sport integral plan that banish the idea that to shine these critical fields only involves to carry out localized exercises of force.

For this body part, you are fundamental a training aeróbico that allow to stimulate the specific muscles, at the time that activate the oxygen consumption and you help to burn fat.

We show up you a series of exercises to achieve that this field is fantastic. You will carry out them at least 3 times a week.

All sport practice begins and you end with elongations. In this case, the leg rises on a similar object, you are sustained 10 seconds and you are changed leg.

Elongation of big muscles
You support a knee on a mattress and you advance the other leg until you sit down the stretching of the muscles. Support 10 seconds and you repeat ésto with the other leg.

Stretching of the later and interior part of the leg
In cunclillas, supporting the hands to the front, you stretch a leg toward the lateral one. Mantén the head down (you are important not to look to the front for not tightening the musculature of the neck). To feel the elongation, you lift the tip of the foot. Mantén 10 seconds and you repeat with the other leg.

Sentadillas with cane
You open the legs slightly toward you were, at a distance that allow to descend comfortably. You download and you ascend 15 times. Make three series of this exercise. You are important that the knees don't go more before the tip of the feet.

Lunges with cane
Of foot, you take a step toward before flexionando a leg and taking care of maintaining an angle of 90º. You contract the abdominal ones and support the knee to 10 cm of the floor. Make 1 or 2 series of 10 up to 12 repetitions with each leg.

I work of the half gluteus
In four paws, you support the forearms and you relax the neck as if you fell. With a weight in the ankle, you elevate the leg toward the lateral one turning the tip of the foot toward you were; you make short (up and down) movements. If great difficulty, flexiona exists the knee slightly. You repeat 10 times and you change.

I work of the half gluteus (of foot)
If you have difficulty of going to the floor, rely on a table with the hips toward the front. With the leg supportive semiflexionada, you direct the other one in diagonal back and you return toward the supportive foot. You repeat this exercise 15 times.

Put to bed, you arrange the legs flexionadas for 90º, you lift the hip until you are in oneself line with the neck. You contract the gluteus pressing the checks against the floor, without to ascend neither to download. Mantén 10 to 20 seconds and you relax. Repeat it 3 times.

Advance Isquiotibiales
Who have the abdominal ones firm, they can work the previous exercise bringing and elevating a leg approximately between 1 and 2 centimeters, between 8 and 10 times. You repeat the same thing with the other one.

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