Oil with flavor landlords

To perfume oleums at home is not for anything complicated and you are a good oidea to add you flavor.

To prepare the oleum:

- You mash the grass that you chose. For you separate the freshest paths in the bunch. You mash some of your sheets and, in a vessel, you temper the oleum together with the dry pepper without you end up boiling. Leave it in infusion.

- You add the grass to the oleum and leave them in infusion during two hours in a stoppered vessel and outside of the fire. You strain the mixture and arrange it in the oil bottle.

To perfume it:

- You use thyme, marjoram and sage in path, and a dry pepper.

- It can get ready with fresh grass or you dry off. This last, more concentrated, they take less in dislodging your aroma and they are enough 4 teaspoonfuls of coffee for ½ liter.

- If they are fresh, you are very important that are clean. To wash them, you arrange water in a vessel, submerge them during a while and allow them to dry off.

- Once ended the preparedness, inserts in the flask a path of thyme and a dry pepper.

This is a quick oleum of making, but the ideal thing is to allow it to macerate one month in a closed container and in a dry and dark place.

You can decorate green salads with him, you pasture and fish to the vapor. This prescription is suitable for bird pickles or you hunt.

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