Shoes of man: when using different models?

If men are properly footwear depending on the occasion, we suggest some of the basic footwear that every closet should contain.

This type of shoe works to perfection with both informal clothes, as well as an adjunct to go to work with a formal dress.

Shoes cords:
This kind of shoes, in their thousand versions, is suited to all kinds of costumes and even cut trousers widths more informal.

Sandal male:
By the summer, is perfectly combined with long pants or bermuda.

Increasingly used as a complement to the clothes, provides a very modern air. It presents a wide variety of styles and trends, both in thin skin as more rough, with a zipper or with laces.

Shoes ceremony:
Smooth and patent leather, this shoe is cut very similar to loot, but carries elastic on the sides. The rules of strict elegance advise its use for big ceremonies.

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