Realities and lies on the belt of surety

A lot of people think that, when taking place a shock, to be caught by the belt of surety is worse than to be discharged of the vehicle. This is completely dummy, since to be discharged of the vehicle is more dangerous 25 times. With belt, the possibilities to remain conscious they are bigger.

Others think that they could arrive to be caught if the vehicle caught fire or you were submerged in the water, what are also completely dummy. The belt of surety avoids the blows that produce unconsciousness. Also, this class of facts happens respectively in the 0,16 and 0,3% of the total of accidents.

You are who they sustain that you are not necessary to use the belt of surety in backside seats. These are completely aberrant: an occupant of the backside seat without belt, has many possibilities of being discharged of the vehicle and to increase the status of the front passengers.

Another error, they obtain it who they think that if they take short trips, they don't need to use the belt of surety. The certain thing is that, the accident is always unexpected without importing the quantity of scanned kilometers.

The belt of surety is as necessary in the path as in the city, since in reduced speeds, the belt can mark the difference among being wounded or totally unhurt.

You are to also keep in mind that under normal conditions and with the arranged belt, one can play the board with the head, but in an accident, you avoid the passengers of the car to be said goodbye to. The belt of surety allows the mobility while they don't happen incidents.

And of course, you are not to stop to mention that, although the vehicle possesses airbag, you are necessary to use the belt, since the airbag doesn't substitute it, but rather they have different ends.

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