Method Hanish: respiration method

The method Hanish, created by the Persian physician that take this name, invites us to absorb therapeutical cosmic energy, breathing and relaxing us in a specialized way.

According to the physician Hanish, most of the illnesses come from a bad respiration that unchain a general attrition and a loss of energy inmunitaria.

Through your method, you are possible to confirm that the systematic respiration with a mental appropriate concentration, only allows not to absorb oxygen for the purification of the blood and the promotion of the flow, but rather that is also inhaled that the teachers of the Persian tradition named Ga-flame, vital energy or essence d ela life.

Usually, we are not aware of your power, but when we breathe concentrating, we can notice the curative potential that reside in the pure air.

To carry out the respiration exercises, the physician Hanish proposes a previous relaxation method to the same ones that it are the following one:

- sit down in a seat or envelope a comfortable cushion.
- You inhale and you exhale seven times, ending with a very deep exhalation.
- The rhythm of the nature guides us. The inhalation should last six heart (or seven seconds) keystrokes that represent our interior clock. The retention of the air will last the half (approximately three seconds), and the exhalation, other seven keystrokes.
- This relaxation is to carry out it before each exercise like we have already commented you.

Specific exercise:

1- Previously, in a paper piece or cloth, you paint a point two centimeters of diameter, of a dark color and arrange it in the wall to the height of the eyes (keeping in mind that you will be seated), at a distance two meters of you.
2- Sit down on a seat, without the shoulder leans on on the back, with the shoulders back and the hands resting on the thighs.
3- You separate the thumb of the other ones, forming a V, and you open the arms with the palms toward before; you arrange the feet together with the checks and the tips something separate, also forming a V.
4- You conserve the closed lips; the teeth a little separate and the tip of the tongue playing the inferior teeth.
5- You look at the point without blinking, and soon you will notice that the lazy ideas and all your pansies agitators begin to cease. Concentrate on that point, and you clean the mind of pressure and concerns.
6- You exhale the corrupted air of your lungs.
7- Without pressure, you inhale for the nose during seven keystrokes or seconds: you begin filling the higher part of the lungs as much as you are you possible, and then the diaphragm and the abdomen.
8- While you inhale, you continue concentrated in the dark point, and you begin to imagine that you inhale the Ga-flame, fundamental start of cure and life.
9- Once in the summit of the inhalation, stay about three seconds or keystrokes retaining, you stop then also during seven seconds, to exhale in a progressive way the whole air that you have.
10- During the exhalation, concentrate on the Ga-flame and your virtues, you can even display how the vital oxygen penetrates in your veins and you accelerate the cure.
11- You carry out the whole exercise in approximately three minutes, three times a day, in the morning, at noon and to the setting of the sun.

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