Who the physician was Hanish

The physician O.Z.A. Hanish, was born in 1844 in Persia, where your parents were occasionally for labor reasons.

Your father was a diplomat of the Russian nobility, and your mother belonged to the German royalty.

All your increment on the respiration, you were acquired from small by teachers of Persia that dominated the teachings of the prophets Zoroastro who founded your school in the century VII before Christ, in the origins of the Persian empire.

To the twenty-four years, young Hanish went to study medicine to England, where you were received.

At the beginning of the century, you traveled to United States, where you founded different centers to transmit what he named the Science of the Respiration whose therapeutical uses are multiple.

The physician Hanish died in 1936, to the ninety two years, little before Second World War burst.

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