Evita pains in front of the PC

Carpal tunnel syndrome:
Due to the repetitious movement of the dolls caused to the tipear during long periods of time without pause, or to hold with force an instrument or apparatus during more than one hour a day; generally tingling sensations in the yolks of the fingers, numbness and pain in your hands, and pressure in the dolls. For ésto, you limit the movement maintaining the dolls the most right possible. Tómate pauses for descanar the hands. The physiotherapy is very useful in this case. You consult to your physician hence. An exercise that you can practice to avoid this ailment, is to stretch the fingers of the hands pushing them back with the contrary hand, and printing some force.

Tendinitis of the doll:
The symptoms that are due to this problem, are the pain of the dolls, especially throughout the external edges, more than in the center. The causes are the fact of bending with force the doll toward before, behind I heard to the side, for tipear long lapses of times without resting, especially with the arched doll or flexionada. To solve ésto, mantén the right and lifted dolls of the keypad, you stretch the fingers pushing them back with the other hand or separating them.

Pressure in the neck:
To maintain the same position during a long period of time, to curve of shoulders, to support the fork of the telephone between the neck and the shoulder, for example, they are basically the causes of the pressure in the neck and of your numbness. A very plain solution to this problem, is that you change position, sampling headphones with microphone, rotating and frequently stretching the neck. You should also rotate your shoulders toward before and back for descontracturarlos.

Chronic pressure of shoulder:
When you feel intense pain in the mid-back and you download, be surely extremely tensed. You owe it to that you lean and you stretch, surely, in repeated form, bending toward before when writing. You also go to sit down a lot of time without an appropriate support for the shoulder or the feet. For this problem it uses pillows for the shoulder and pauses for the feet, arranging a lectern with documents or books near the screen if you should appeal them while tipeas.

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