New method to stop to smoke cigarette

You are known that most of the smokers that decide to leave the I inhabit without specialized help, they have few probabilities of stopping to smoke in permanent form and you stop a lifetime.

Recently, a programa has been elaborated that you allow to overcome this addiction and more than 85% of the smokers that completed it, they achieved your objective: to stop to smoke.

This programa is based on the following points:

- A test of personal valuation of the patient.

- Suitable medication supply for the professional.

- Learning of technique that you/they point to modify the smoker's behavior and to incorporate strategies able to improve the quality of life.

- A path with shop methodology that one makes once a week, in which you/they are managed technical of containment and support for the patient. In these circumstances, the group potentializes the will.

- One works on the handling of the stress, product of the syndrome of abstinence.

- You offer a fan of alternatives to carry out a physical activity, in accordance with the patient's possibilities.

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