Why are you to abort the cigarette?

The tobacco plant kills currently to 3 million people and, for the decade of 2020-2030, it is computed that you will cause 10 million deaths a year.

The habit of smoking is the responsible for 20% of the cardiovascular illnesses. Many studios in different countries, conclude that to smoke cigarettes is related directly with the acute heart attack of heart muscle, sudden death for affection of the coronary arteries and arteriosclerosis at level of the coronary artery wall, what can take to your obstruction.

The smoking youths feel full, they are healthy and they don't have conscience of the effects of the usage of the tobacco plant.

However, diverse studios demonstrate that the usage of cigarettes among young people the frequency of the respiratory symptoms increases, you reduce the lung function, you increase the risk of suffering cardiovascular illnesses and you diminish the physical acting and the submitted.

However, they usually defer the decision of stopping to smoke for the mature life and a very high percent passes to the stage of the regular usage, that is to say that have developed a physiologic necessity to the nicotine.

Not it is necessary to be asthmatic, allergic to the fume or to live and to work flanked of big smokers to suffer the nuisances of the passive tabaquismo that you/they go from the odor to the butt in the house, the car or any place where you are allowed to smoke, and that you impregnate the clothes or the hair, until the irritation of the nose, throat and eyes, besides causing migraines and nauseas.

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