The bottle-brushes are aggressive for the hearing

Never insert bottle-brushes in the ear canal because they can cause important lesions in this organ.

Not all the people hear equally, but all should try to your hearings with fineness from very early age. You are important that the parents, before a doubt, consult to the physician to discard or to confirm the existence of some problem of this nature.

Currently, it cannot be carried out a studio invasive, accessible and quick (screening) that diagnose the levels of hearing of the smallest accurately.

Now then, you are to keep in mind that:

- You should use protective if you are exposed to very intense noises.

- If when leaving a place you feel buzzes, you mean that you have had a tiny lesion and the duration of that symptom indicates your graveness.

- The cold, and especially the wind, produces irritation in certain people. The solution is plain, to use earmuffs or vinchas.

- After the bathroom or when leaving the pileta, you incline your head and you shake the hearings well moving the auditory pavilion, dry off with the towel inserting the finger up to where you arrive, without forcing it. You can arrange some drops (2 or 3) of alcohol boricado to counteract the dampness. As for the babies, you play your hearings the less possible thing.

- If you are water in your hearings after this process, you are possible that you have a plug of wax. You consult with your otorhinolaryngologist.

- You are preferable not to use bottle-brushes because he/she can enter inside the ear canal and to damage it gravely.

- To clean the wax, you appeal to the towel. That they are waxy remains inside of you are beneficial because you complete an antimicrobial feature.

- Evita the barotraumas (injure taken place by the pressure when diving) and the aerotitis (you injure taken place by the pressure when traveling by plane. If after carrying out these activities you are with dysfunctions, make you a checkup and if you are congested, you wait to dive or to fly.

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