The perseverance in the daily exercise

Many times you are about exercising to be better, but the apathy or the reluctance don't help you to maintain a perseverance in the same one.

We offer you a series of advice so that you can be constant and to have a good physique.

1- You identify your strong points and the weak ones. You work to modify these last.

2- You define your problematic areas and the specific changes that you should make.

3- Intend you insert sport clear and also realists.

4- You carry out changes that are of crucial importance for your psychological and emotional necessities.

5- I know floppy. The election of a routine, of one schedule to train and of an appropriate sport, they require experimentation and time to be able to establish a new lifestyle.

6- You organize your calendar in a such way that the changes are inserted in your life in a gradual way. Evita abrupt or very intense changes, since these usually are not successful.

7- Be related with people that are inside your new lifestyle: ésto will help you to stay in him-

8- Stay informed in the areas of training with loading, nutrition and sports, to be able to this way, to make decisions compactly been founded to the moment to carry out changes in your routine. You speak with your professor of the gym or you go to a personal trainer.

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